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TocopheRx will be presenting results demonstrating the efficacy and safety of TOP001 on mouse oocytes at ESHRE 2016 in Helsinki, Finland on 06-July. These results, demonstrate that oocytes collected from TOP001-treated mice develop into viable embryos at the same rate as mice treated with recombinant FSH.

TocopheRx presented recent findings on safety and toxicology of its FSHR allosteric agonists at the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) in Montreal, Canada, March 16-19, 2016. TOP001 has demonstrated a wide safety margin between doses that stimulate ovarian follicular growth in animal models and highest doses tested in toxicology models (rat and dog, no off-target effects).

TocopheRx will be present at JP Morgan in San Francisco Jan 11-12, 2016

Recently Published Articles from TocopheRx:

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